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Seeking Passionate A&R Experts – Seize the Opportunity to Shape Tomorrow's Music!

 Hello, music enthusiasts and creative souls enchanted by technology!

Badenstock Record Label, a dynamic force in the music world, is looking for you – the next A&R guru who wants to be part of a musical revolution. Your mission? To be the engine of creative energy, a music hunter, and an advocate for art that takes artists’ careers to new dimensions.

Why you?
Have you always been the one who finds a gem in the crowd, the one who senses upcoming greatness before others? You are Badenstock’s next A&R because you know that music is not just sound – it’s a story, passion, and a tapestry of technology that connects worlds.

What do we expect from you?

– Heart and Soul of A&R: Seek new, talented artists as if on a treasure hunt.
– Embrace of Technology: Stay on the cutting edge – understand how technology can elevate music to new heights.
– Creative Trailblazer: Get excited about art and the courage to try new things, ready to build bridges between music and technology.
– Communication Maestro: Master communication, whether working with artists or representing the Badenstock brand.

What will you do?
– Seek and find the next big names in the music world. – Support artists on their journey, ensuring they can leverage Badenstock’s services.
– Connect with artists, build strong relationships, and be their go-to person for career development.
– Adhere to good practices, laws, and Badenstock’s policies
– be an ethical guide in the music world.

Why Badenstock?
– We are more than a record label
– we are a musical powerhouse and technology innovator.
– The Head of A&R will support and guide you on your journey
– you are part of a team building the future soundtracks.
– You have the Badenstock brand at your disposal for sales promotion
– you are part of the change in music and brand growth.

Seize the opportunity and bring your musical visions to the Badenstock family!

Send your application now!

Badenstock – Where music and technology converge, and careers rise to new dimensions! 🚀🎶

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