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Update 1.5

New Service added
At the public’s request, we also added Spotify Canva videos to our selection as an on-demand video production service.

Available for Badenstock Free Members
and Premium Artist.

With Premium artist you get the -50% discount as usual!

Order Spotify Canvas video for your song here


September 2023

Update 1.4

New Premium Features
-Badenstock Premium is now Premium Artist.

Record & publishing deal and distribution service is now included to all Badenstock Premium Artist users.

Read more information here


September 2023

Update 1.3

UI update

– Free member users got now also their own landing page at the front page. The navigation is now easier. Log in to view the new front


June 2023

Update 1.2

Fixes & new Features

– Marketing Visibility Pools are now olso open to Free Members. Read more here!

– Login page fixes


June 2023

Update 1.1

We are happy to announce that the first 100 users joined the service!

– Premium users got now their own landing page at the front page. They will not see any plans advertisement after logging in.

– Search function added to top menu.

– Mobile view fixes.


June 2023

Service Launched

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Badenstock Members & Premium Service Launched.
New customers can now join and access to the platform.


June 2023

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Feature will be added soon to Badenstock Academy

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Feature will be added soon to Badenstock Services

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