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Questions about general topics related to the service

Use our Playlist Pitching tool to pitch your current songs to our Spotify playlists. You need to be registered at least as a Guest Artist to our collective to be able to do so.

You can register for the service by going to the registration page and filling in the required information.

You can register for our service as a free Guest Artist, but to unlock all features and benefits, you need to have the Distribution or Collective Artist plan.

Badenstock is a Finnish company. It is owned by a group of long-term music professionals. The service is designed for artists and their needs.

We have done everything possible for security and user privacy.

We strictly follow Finnish and European legislation in our operations.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to your dedicated A&R expert. If you are a Distribution customer, you can also send us a message at support@badenstock.com (our avarage reply time is 0-48 hrs).

Badenstock Free Guest Artist as the name suggests, is free and anyone can register for it. You can, for example, pitch your own song to Badenstock’s playlists.

Badenstock Distribution costs 19 USD per year and you can distribute your music to digital distribution platforms under one artist name.

The Badenstock Collective service provides a comprehensive package, including a 50-50% Record Label Deal, integrated label marketing and promotion for your songs, collaboration opportunities, and personalized A&R support for your career.


Questions about the Collective service

The Badenstock Collective Artist Plan includes everything you need to succeed in your artist’s career:

  • Personal A&R Coach
  • Record & Publishing Deal
  • Distribution
  • Collaborations
  • Promotion & creative tools
  1. Register to our service as a Free Guest Artist
  2. Send your demo to us.
  3. Request Approval


    Our global network of A&R experts reviews applications always
    within the next 48 hours

    If your application is rejected, we will refund the fee 100%

Log in when registered as a Collective Artist and go to your account settings to edit your profile. You can upload a profile picture and edit your profile there.


Questions about the distribution service

The Badenstock Distribution plan includes everything you need to succeed in your independent artist’s career:

  • Unlimited songs uploads (For 1 Artist)
  • Distribution to all channels
  • Keep 100% royalties & rights
  • Access to Badenstock Music industry tools

Your music will be available on 220+ streaming platforms & stores, including 48 main ones. Check out more details Here

Log in to the Badenstock Distribution Platform and go to the ‘Balance’ tab. There, you can see real-time information about your streaming revenue. To request a payout, use the ‘Request Outpayment‘ button.

Before doing so, please ensure that your PayPal account details are set in your profile settings.

You will see our service when royalties accrue to your account. You can request payment on the site, and the payment date is always the last day of the month.

Depending on your choice, either to an IBAN bank account or to a PayPal account.

Unfortunately, money transfers always cost money and we can’t control that. A one-time fee of USD 5.95 + 2% of the payment amount is charged for the withdrawal.

You can request payment if your royalty account balance is more than 25 USD.

A good guideline is 3 weeks, so that you can, for example, pitch a song on Spotify’s Artists service.

You must comply with the laws of your own country. In several countries, you are obliged to inform the tax authorities that you have received income from abroad. Ask your country’s tax authorities about it. In any case, you are responsible for the taxes.

You may ask yourself, did you deserve them? Our service is only intended to reach the right audience.

You can publish as much music as you want, even up to 1000 tracks, over the years, as our service is intended for regular use and not for any ambiguous activities, etc., although there’s no limit. Songs can be uploaded limitlessly.

Unfortunately you don’t. We only accept music files.

Distribution plan allows uploads to one artist profile, but if you want to publish music by several artists, contact our customer service

Jobs / artists and repertoire (A&R) opportunities

work with us

You can see more details about the open A&R expert positions and fill out the application here

Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, we do not offer a fixed salary. However, we do provide commission-based, performance-driven pay, which doesn’t limit or set boundaries on your earnings potential.

– Pitch Your Songs To Spotify Playlist
– Submit Demos for record label

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-Sell Your Music Worldwide
-Keep 100% earnings and rights

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– Record Label Deal 50-50%
– Includes Label marketing &
Promotion for your songs
– Collaboration opportunities
– Personal A&R for your career

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