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Music Distribution

Distribute your music World Wide We are partnered with +220 DSPs worldwide such as Spotify, Applemusic, Youtube etc

Only available for Badenstock Premium Artist

Submit Demos

Apply for recording and publishing agreement with Badenstock

Only available for Badenstock Members

Badenstock GPT

Generate lyrics, songs names, content ideas and much more

A&R Song Review

Get feedback for your song on progress by Badenstock A&R music curators

Album Cover Image

Album cover design, implementation and layout as a turnkey service

Spotify Canvas Videos

Spotify Canvas video creation for your song

More tools and services

Spotify for artist Announcements

Get real-time information when the results are updated in the Spotify artist application


Elevate your music with our professional mastering service, enhancing its sound quality to captivate your audience.

Mastering and Mixing

Elevate your music with our professional studio service offering expert mixing and mastering, ensuring your tracks shine and captivate your audience.

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