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We believe that every musical talent deserves to be heard, not just a select few. With our innovative platform, you’ll gain access to industry experts, powerful marketing tools, and a global audience eager to discover new music. 

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Spotify Playlist Pitching

Meet the world 1# AI Music Playlist Curator!

– No more waiting for curators to answer
– No more paid playlist placements
– No more fake streams and bots

+100 Spotify playlists in our network and we keep growing it.

Spotify Marketing pools

5-50 x more visibility with same money!

– Gain real Spotify Followers
– Gain Real Spotify Streams
– Grow up your fanbase

Multiple pool campaigns running continually.

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Premium Artist Features

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Marketing Pools

Boost your campaing budgets up to 10-20x more efficient with same price than induvidual campain.

Playlist Pitching (Premium)

Meet the world 1# AI Music Playlist Curator – Get your song placed immediately

Label powered distribution

Distribute music Worldwide with label deal

Badenstock GPT

Generate lyrics, songs names, content ideas and much more

Real-time Spotify For Artist stats update Notifications

Get real-time information when the results are updated in the Spotify artist application

Community FAQ

read previous questions or ask your own. Our Music experts answers to questions.

Access to Members Blog

Read all articles with Premium

Full Access to All services

No restrictions no limits. All features available.

Discount from services

You will receive a discount of 5-50% on all purchased services.

A & R -reviews

Get feedback for your song on progress by Badenstock A&R music curators


Elevate your music with our professional mastering service, enhancing its sound quality to captivate your audience.


Mixing and Mastering

Elevate your music with our professional studio service offering expert mixing and mastering, ensuring your tracks shine and captivate your audience.

Press opportunities submit

Appear on newsletter, get into interviews and more

Access to all updates

Premium members always have access to new content and tools as a privilege.

Free member features:

Limited selection of the services, but always 100% Free

Send Demos to Record company

Send your demo to the record company for evaluation and you can get a record deal

Pitch your song to Badenstock playlists

Meet the world 1# AI Music Playlist Curator – Get your song placed immediately

Free downloads

At Badenstock academy

Music Industry Blog (limited)

Hot tips and tricks for music marketing & producing

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"Badenstock has been able to support me financially by helping me to set up the income. Now I work as A&R at Badenstock"
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