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The most interesting service model in the music world. Affordable and reliable distribution, effective music marketing tools.
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At Badenstock, we understand the unique journey of artists, producers, musicians, and singers. We provide tailored solutions to elevate your music career with our artist-centered, tech-smart, optimistic, collaborative, and playful approach.

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Distribution Features

Upload and Distribute Songs to +220 DSPs Worldwide

Reach Global Audiences Instantly!

Access Badenstock’s Distribution Service and upload your music to 220+ DSPs worldwide—Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, and more. Your music, your way, available anytime, anywhere!

Promotion & Creative Tools and Services

Elevate Your Presence with Badenstock Tools!

Empower your journey with Badenstock’s creative tools. Utilize our AI playlist curator, pitch your songs to our playlists, and boost your fan base with unique cost-sharing marketing pools. Amplify your presence with digital campaigns and grow your following on Spotify.

Gain income & Collect Your Earnings

Success Rewarded, Earnings Collected!

Experience hassle-free monthly payouts for streamed music through our distribution service. What are you waiting for? Turn your passion into profit and become a thriving artist with Badenstock Collective!

Collective Features

Personal A&R Music Coach for Your Career

Unlock your potential with a Personal A&R Music Coach!

Your dedicated coach ensures seamless communication with record labels, opening doors for collaborations and guiding you towards success in your musical journey.

Music Recording Deal with Label

Seal Your Destiny with Badenstock Collective!

Join forces with Badenstock’s international powerhouse. Gain a fair 50-50% recording and publishing deal with the renowned Badenstock label. Be part of something bigger—become a Badenstock Collective Artist!

Collaborate with the Collective Artists and Industry Experts

Join Forces, Create Magic!

Immerse yourself in collaborative artist projects like “Pesukone,” “Everything Slowed & Faster,” and collaborate with fellow Badenstock Collective artists. Unleash your creativity within our vibrant artistic community!

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FREE Guest Artist Services

Spotify Playlist Pitching

Meet the world’s 1# AI Music Playlist Curator!

– No more waiting for curators to answer
– No more paid playlist placements
– No more fake streams and bots

+100 Spotify playlists in our network and it keeps growing!

Spotify Marketing pools

5-50 x more visibility with the same money!

– Gain real Spotify Followers
– Gain Real Spotify Streams
– Grow up your fanbase

Multiple pool campaigns running continually.

– Pitch Your Songs To Spotify Playlist
– Submit Demos for record label

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-Sell Your Music Worldwide
-Keep 100% earnings and rights

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– Record Label Deal 50-50%
– Includes Label marketing &
Promotion for your songs
– Collaboration opportunities
– Personal A&R for your career

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Our Artists have said that...

"Teaming up with the right partners has enabled to leverage results into the next level. This wouldn't be possible by working alone."
S Productions
"We managed to gain over 5M listeners since joining Badenstock."

"Badenstock has been able to support me financially by helping me to set up the income. Now I work as A&R at Badenstock"
Teddy Hits

We have already built a path to success for you.

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