Pesukone (FI) The global artists collective

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What is Pesukone?

Global Artists Collective

Already +30 Artists are performing together by releasing collab songs with Pesukone to gain even bigger audience to all artists involved. 

More artists are accepted in over time, but spots are really limited.

New Music Every Friday

All Songs from Pesukone collective, New Music Every Friday Since 1/2021


Pesukone is introducing new artists for wider audience on weekly basis.

This has lead into interestest from new music loving audiences which will be then utilized further to introduce new artists in the Pesukone collective.

In practice this equals that results for an invidual artist can skyrocket over night.

The system is exclusively available from Badenstock since Pesukone as an artist is unique. Other labels have tried to copy us but they will never be the Pesukone.

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