How to get playlisted?

The best way to pitch your song to playlists depends on various factors
such as the genre of music, target audience, and the type of playlists you’re aiming for.

However, here are some general tips:

1. Personalized approach:
Crafting a personalized message to playlist curators can make you stand out. For instance, mention why their playlist would be a good fit for your song specifically.

2. Know your audience:
Research playlists and their audience before reaching out. Ensure your song aligns with the playlist’s style and that its listeners are likely to enjoy it.

3. Avoid amateurish mistakes:
 Make sure your message is professional and error-free. It can affect how seriously it’s taken.

4. Song details:
 Provide necessary details about your song such as its title, artist, genre, and release date.
Include a link to the song, possibly a Spotify or SoundCloud link.

5. Keep it short and sweet:
 Keep your message short and to the point. Playlist curators often receive numerous messages,
 so long and complicated ones may get lost.

6. Express gratitude:
Be grateful and polite. Playlist curators invest time and effort in discovering new music,
so thank them for the opportunity to have your song considered.

For example, you could write a brief and concise message introducing your song, its style,
and why it would be a good fit for their playlist. Additionally, you can share a bit about yourself
and any relevant achievements in the music industry if it helps to further convince them.
 However, remember to be honest and humble.

Getting onto playlists can sometimes be very difficult,
 especially when curators may not respond or react at all, making you feel like it’s not even worth trying.
 It’s best to avoid paid playlists, as they often consist of bots that could result in your music being removed and fines imposed.

To make getting onto playlists easier, we’ve developed a new tool for artists
who have released their music on Spotify streaming service.

The tool is called Badenstock AI Playlist Curator.

– The curator is online 24/7
– You can submit your own music
– The playlist curator finds a suitable list for your song
– You’ll receive a notification as soon as your song is added to a playlist.

Try the tool for free now.
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