Bami Ory

Bami Ory

Biographical Info Meet Bami Ory, where childhood love for music meets Afro-Soul brilliance. From writing at age 9 to drawing inspiration from artistes like Asa, Beautiful Nubia and Jhene Aiko, to name a few, Bami Ory’s journey is a fusion of personal passion and refined artistry. A graduate in Accounting, Bami Ory made a bold choice, opting for a path of melodies over numbers, forgoing the traditional route of ICAN chartered accounting. The decision led to a transformative chapter at the Peter Kings College of Music in 2019, shaping Bami Ory’s artistry. Fresh off the release of the single “Take You On A Ride” and with an EP set to drop in February, 2024 Bami Ory invites you into a story—a concise blend of love, soul, and the courage to follow the rhythm within.

Genres World/African/Afro-Soul,


Artist Yes

Singer Yes

Instruments 1.1. Guitar


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