Biographical Info Yetkin Omac is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the music and film industries. As an accomplished audio engineer, music producer, singer-songwriter, and filmmaker, Yetkin has earned acclaim for his contributions to award-winning films globally, showcasing his dynamic vocal range spanning nearly four octaves and his meticulous attention to detail in crafting diverse musical projects. Renowned for his expertise, Yetkin has directed captivating music videos and a distinguished short film recognized at esteemed international festivals. As the visionary founder of Musikoht, Yetkin is dedicated to revolutionizing the intersection of music and technology, providing innovative solutions for artists and clients alike, and shaping the future of the industry through creativity and innovation.

Genres Alternative/Experimental, Ambient/New Age/Meditation, Classical/Orchestral, Electronic/House, Hip-Hop/Rap,


Artist Yes

Producer Yes

Singer Yes

Player Yes

Instruments 4.1. Piano, 4.2. Synthesizer


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