Badenstock Record Deal

 Distribution with label deal is available for all Badenstock Collective Artists.

Worldwide Distribution

We're connected to +220 DSPs such as Spotify, Applemusic etc. worldwide

Marketing Included

Get Playlist placements in our network and gain visibility in multiple channels

Monthly Payments

Mechanical Stream royalties are paid every month with Paypal or Bank Transfer

When Releasing alone

Listeners & Streams


Releasing with
BS Record Deal



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Music Recording &
Publishing Deal

We offer artists a fair contract and a completely new service that includes features and tools for music marketing.

Royalties share 50% Artist (you) – 50% Label (Badenstock)

According to the music publishing agreement, the Artist gets 66.7% and the Publisher (Badenstock) gets 33.3% of the publishing royalties. Collect your share by using your local P.R.O.

You will gain access to our digital distribution platform.

We include basic marketing package for each of your invidual release. Incase you want to boost up your relese more, you can use all tools what are available for Badenstock Collective Artist.

Take the next leap in Your Music Career

Examples of the monthly growth of our Artists

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