Spotify Marketing Pool (Visibility)


Participate Badenstock’s Instagram and Facebook ads marketing pools with your music

Gain 5-25x more visibility with same money

Social Media advertising service, where participants will be featured on the same playlist that is collectively promoted through direct Instagram and Facebook story ads.

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Join the Visibility Campaign

Guest Artists price

50 $

Collective Artist price

39 $

Spotify marketing pool: Visibility

50,00 $

Participate Badenstock’s Instagram and Facebook ads marketing pool with your music

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Spotify Marketing Pool: Visibility

  • Unlock massive exposure with a minimal budget using Badenstock’s outsourced Instagram and Facebook advertisement pools.

How does it work?

  • Submit your Spotify song link and choose your genre.
  • Together, from the pool’s combined budget, we’ll launch a powerful promotion campaign that maximizes exposure for everyone involved.

Why choose pool-like marketing?

  • Leverage results by accessing larger budgets thanks to the pool-like campaign structure.
  • Benefit from label expertise to run your campaigns. Skip the expensive learning curve and let professionals handle the ad management and targeting.
  • Eliminate graphic design costs. Our pool ads are constantly running with frequently updated ad versions, so you don’t have to worry about graphic design and editing.
  • Save your time by outsourcing, this way you can focus more on creativity and other tasks
  • Ride on the Badenstock brand. Pool ads run under the label’s brand, granting you access to the benefits of our years of industry experience. This couldn’t be achieved by advertising alone.

Grow your reach on Spotify:

  • Participate in this pool.
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