Top five things that every artist needs in their career:

  1. Musical Craft and Skill: First and foremost, musicians should focus on developing their musical craft and skills. This involves continually practicing and improving your instrument or voice, songwriting abilities, and music production skills. Dedication to your artistry is crucial for creating compelling music.

  2. Originality and Identity: Establishing a unique musical identity is essential in the competitive music industry. Explore your artistic voice, experiment with different genres, and develop a signature style that sets you apart from others. Authenticity is often what resonates most with audiences.

  3. Networking and Promotion: Building a strong network and effective self-promotion are critical for musicians. Connect with other musicians, music industry professionals, and fans. Utilize social media, music streaming platforms, and live performances to showcase your music and engage with your audience.

  4. Music Business Knowledge: Understanding the business side of the music industry is crucial. Learn about music contracts, royalties, licensing, and distribution. It’s also essential to manage your finances effectively and consider partnering with a music manager or attorney to navigate legal and business matters.

  5. Live Performance and Touring: Performing live and touring can significantly impact a musician’s career. Develop your live showmanship, rehearse thoroughly, and consider touring to reach new audiences and build a dedicated fan base. Live performances can also generate income and open doors to other opportunities.

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