Let's start your journey with Badenstock Collective

Follow these steps to get started!

1. Sign Contracts

You will soon receive Badenstock’s recording and music publishing contracts in your email. We ask you to sign both agreements as soon as possible using our PandaDoc document signing service.

2. Access to Distribution platform

We will send you the login credentials for our digital music distribution platform (Sonosuite) by e-mail.

Please notice:
You have 48 hours to activate distribution user account.
(Also check your spam folder)

3. Create Collective Artist Profile

Your Public profile will be visible on our website Featured Artists section.
Check out other Artists here and start thinking with whom you might want to collaborate!

4. Connect with our A&R's

Fill out artist info and you will be assigned to Your Personal A&R Expert.

Want to know more?

Take a look of our Artist Support Center

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