Nicole Willis & Pesukone Official Remix Contest

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1st place

Official Remix release with Nicole Willis & Pesukone

2nd place

50$ gift voucher for Badenstock promotion pool service

3rd place

Remix the song:

"Still Got a Way To Fall" by Nicole Willis

Song performance

+112 Instagram reels created 

+3,9M plays on Spotify


The competition rules are simple:

1. Download and use stems to create your remix of “Nicole Willis – Still Got a Way to Fall.

2. All genres are welcome. Submit before the end of the contest on 30 August 2024.

3. Upload your mixtape to SoundCloud and enter the competition with your SoundCloud link.

4. Share your SoundCloud link and get likes for the song

Important Note:

If you use 3rd party samples, make sure to use only samples cleared for commercial use, as the winner’s work will be released with Badenstock Collective under a granted recording and publishing agreement.

Stem files can only be used for participating in this remix contest; any commercial use without permission is forbidden. By entering the competition, you agree to obey the contest rules.

The feed below will display the songs submitted to the competition.


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